Saturday, April 30, 2011

Adam Michalak - Seven Colors

netlabel - test tube
genre - ambient
release date - 2010

'Seven Colors' is a gentle collection of very beautiful pieces that Michalak composed during a period of a year and a half, until May 2009. There are some tracks clearly based on specific field recordings picked out carefully by the musician but most of them are very varied in terms of textures and composition. Some are a bit dramatic, emotional and even a bit thick while some others are more ethereal, dreamy and translucid.
Michalak uses dusty vinyl, bells and whistles, electromagnetic buzz, echoing keyboards, drones, silence and many other sound textures to build immense walls of amazing ambient music. Like colors in a faded polaroid, Each 'color' represents something and/or tells a story. It's up to you to discover where it leads. I keep the 'Sixth Color' right next to my heart.

01 First Color
02 Second Color
03 Third Color
04 Fourth Color
05 Fifth Color
06 Sixth Color
07 Seventh Color


Friday, April 22, 2011

Fonoteka 6 (Remixed)

label - estrada nagrania
genre - instrumental hip-hop, hip-hop, downtempo, nujazz, remix
release date - 2011

Fonoteka Remixed on GNs.

01 Wytwórnia urządzeń elektronicznych w Łodzi, czyli niektóre problemy przyszłości
02 Spisek Jednego feat. Janek Michalec - All My Love
03 Robak feat. Drut - Wyglądasz całkiem sama
04 Graf Cratedigger - C
05 Majku & Pelo - W starych szufladach
06 Slime & Printempo - Telefonarium
07 Sawersky - Hipnotyzer
08 Dziennik taśmowizyjny
09 Graf Cratedigger feat. Ocho - D
10 Robak feat. Drut - Fononikonoteka
11 Przerwa techniczna
12 Good Paul & Rewelacyjny Luciano - Raft To Rio
13 Graf Cratedigger - B
14 Synnc feat. Patyk - Runda
15 Printempo & Slime - Dźwiękostan
16 Synnc - Nierównoważnia
17 ISO1600 - A
18 Odme feat. DJ Lolo - Minęła północ
19 Slime - Telefonarium (Reprise)
20 Ortalio - Lato siedemdziesiąte
21 Good Paul - My Turn
22 Pozostałe problemy przyszłości
23 Fizz - Hollow Sidewalk
24 Tak to wyglądało ogólnie


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leau du Robinet - Trippy Jazz Travel From Nowhere To Somewhere

label - monday jazz
genre - nujazz, trip-hop, downtempo, mix

The compilation Trippy Jazz Travel From Nowhere To Somewhere from the artist L'eau du Robinet is a melodious play of trip-hop, downtempo electronica, jazz and nu jazz. The mood of the record changes from "rise and shine" easy morning call to deeply sentimental moments.
The artist L'eau du Robinet from Poland needs a special introduction. The project was born in 2006, but it has a respectful album released already. Synopsis of it automatically reminds us of the legendary polish project Skalpel on Ninja Tunes, but after listening to the disk all the doubts are changed by the vibrations of pleasure in one's brain.

01 Amon tobin-Nightlife
02 Aurel-Think again
03 Panna Bloom -In a dream
04 Jagga Jazzist-A livingroom hush
05 L'eau du robinet-Johny tu n'es pas un ange
06 Bon ton-Throwback
07 Stako,Jagodziski & Dorota Mikiewicz-Blue Velvet
08 L'eau du robinet-Melancholy inertia
09 Le visage -Tit for tat
10 Kejt&Maj-Tesor
11 Pink Martini-Una note a Napoli
12 The Cinematic Orchestra-All that you give
13 L'eau du robinet-Chicas
14 Tin soldier-Elevator music
15 Parov Stelar-Between the machine
16 L'eau du robinet-Chateau Lapompe
17 Parov Stelar-Dark jazz
18 Dimlite-October_27_03_rain(interlude)
19 Zombie-Biedny Pies
20 Panna Bloom -Pan i Pani


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Skipless - The Travelers Ghost LP

netlabel - dustedwax
genre - hip-hop, jazz, remix
release date - 2011

Skipless on GNs.

01 The Travelers Ghost
02 I'm Chillin' (feat. Concrete Cee)
03 Beatnuts - Props Over Here (Skipless Remix)
04 Time (Interlude0
05 Nas - One Love (Skipless Remix)
06 Dark Matter
07 Common - I Use To Love H.E.R. (Skipless Remix)
08 Introspection (feat. Praverb)
09 Vibe
10 Outro
11 Charizma - My World Premiere (Skipless Bonus Remix)


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Payne - W popielniczce

genre - hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2011

Loud Fresh Sound

01 Strona A
02 Strona B remix
03 Strona B


Monday, April 11, 2011

Ju-Ar – Orange Air

netlabel - morgen-noi
genre - instrumental hip-hop, jazz, soul
release date - 2011

Orange Air is the debut of Ju-Ar, who has been working in the last couple of years together with his good friend under the name of ‘Truestatiks’.
The solo Album was planned a long time ago, but couldn’t be realized until last year.
Orange Air shows Ju-Ar’s point of view of music with a thoughtful use of vocal bits, instruments and samples inspired by the golden-era of jazz and soul completed by a warm reel 2 reel tape sound.

01 Prelude
02 Orange Air
03 Hey Girl feat. Salvia Kamili
04 Take Your Time
05 Cool Down
06 Liquid Love
07 I Want You
08 Sun Rooftop
09 Another Change
10 Trails Of History
11 Essence
12 Turn It Up
13 Flea Market Diamond
14 Gimme Some
15 Shape Of Things
16 Ursula Rucker - Free At Last (Ju-Ar Remix)


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Jakub Nox Ambroziak - No Album EP

genre - trip-hop, abstract hip-hop
release date - 2011

Jakub Nox Ambroziak on MySpace.

01 Babel
02 Neutron/Altai
03 Narcomans/Asai
04 Nuclear Submarine
05 Red Moon