Thursday, July 12, 2007 Compilation vol. 1 Diggin Deeper

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release date - 2007

"We would like to present you a compilation which is a result of a hard work of artists musicians and producers from Poland and other countries - absolutely for free. Some of these artists you may already know, some of them you may hear for the first time. Among these tracks there are some you may have already heard but you will also find tracks which are completely new and haven't been released so far. "Diggin Deeper" is the first part of the planned series of compilations by which are about to promote interesting and compelling music. We hope you gonna like it."
Artist's profile: here

01 Dustplastic - Wstawaj

02 Aldo Vanucci - Gallop

03 The Complainer - I Am So Alive

04 Bontone - Surfing With Cut Power

05 Gong Gong - Kawabata (Number8 remix)

06 The B.I.O. Project - Poppy Red

07 Przaśnik - Angryboy

08 Jon Kennedy - Space-o-Matic

09 Baaba - 12

10 Aldo Vanucci - Last Goodbye

11 Kixnare - Time Travelling

12 Coa Kini - Code (Phono remix)

13 En2ak - Post Apache Tango

14 Lama - Innocent Bystander
15 Etam Etamski - Rower Ma Flaka

16 Dvorako - Live's a Bitch

17 Jon Kennedy - Battlefield
18 Director's Cut - Wax's Soul

19 Coa Kini - Down Again

20 Ludzie Smutni - Czas Na Obiad


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