Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Emily In Love - You Break My Heart, You Bought It

netlebel - corpid
genre - electropop

Emily In Love is the side project of Emily, one half of the electropop duo Bisexual Cyborg, a sad Australian girl who makes dreamy indiepop/folk/tronica for herself and her imaginary cats. Sometimes a couple of her friends, Pia and Ricardo, join her to do amazing things with singing and guitars. corpid-label.de
Emily In Love on MySpace.

01 Outside To Play feat Pia and Ricardo
02 Lullaby feat Pia and Ricardo
03 Dreams feat Bisexual Cyborg
04 I Can't Imagine



Anonymous said...

spodoba Ci się:


stąd do pobrania

matam said...

faktycznie spodobało mi się
i pewnie niedługo wspomnę o tym na forum

dzięki wielkie