Monday, May 26, 2008

Oh No Nuno! - Dusty Gentle Insides EP

netlabel - dog eared records
genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic

Proudly bearing its loopy plumage from the get go, Oh No Nuno! (a.k.a. Ian D. Hawgood) tackles the hip-hop/electronica genre like a kid playing hop-scotch over an oversized map of the London Underground. He jumps and twirls, skips and zig zags, over a sharp and dynamic abstraction of the city. The beats are tight and often quirky, the hooks are bright and always memorable, the ambient washes have the colour of treasured polaroids. If you're familiar with the genre you wont be surprised by the build-up technique of these songs, the self-assembling clockwork which gathers layer upon layer and then sheds them off to leave the bare heart of the music beating over the twilight colours ...
Thanks to Miklos - Niteffect.

01 Just Another Day
02 The Everyday of Us
03 The Gentle Robot
04 Dusty Piano Inside
05 Analog Stone
06 No Change In Me


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