Thursday, February 12, 2009

Children Egoism - Eleven Axis

netlabel - noecho
genre - downtempo, experimental
release date - 2009

"Distorted Cranial Hysteria Of The Saddest Civilization By The Principle Of Children Egoism" started as effect of love and hate in the last last months of 2006. First twelve songs showed up on “Disturbance, The 13th” 5 way split CD on Spanish label RONF Records, split CD with OvO on PMK records and split tapes with Pastures and Ecoute LaMerde ... 6 new songs were made in the beginning of 2008. Children Egoism is led by Goran Loncarevic.
Children Egoism on MySpace.

01 Mon(((o)))ton
02 Insect
03 Lyssadegma
04 Sunstairs
05 Cowcrowd
06 Mould glitch


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