Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dockta Valkus - Skybase

netlabel - neferiu
genre - abstract hip-hop, hip-hop
release date - 2008

Dockta Valkus kicks a high interstellar breakline on this album’s worth of sci-fi infused underground minimal hip hop. Outerspace lyrics flow from the lips of Mighty Mega, who laces the album throughout with thick insight, while Dockta Valkus’ beats hypnotize for roughly an hour. neferiu.com
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01 Intro
02 Fevaish
03 Plaztik
04 Mega Factor feat. Mighty Mega
05 Robot
06 From Anotha Planet
07 Freestyle
08 Space Hydro feat. Mighty Mega & Iconic
09 4 Billion Years Ago
10 Planet XXX
11 Astronomical Misfitz
12 Not As Seen
13 Kadavers In The Closet
14 War Live On TV - rmx feat. Mighty Mega
15 Dire Straight Up
16 Fafafafunky
17 Mighty Mellow
18 Pass The Bottle
19 Loco Pinata
20 Ill Conquest
21 Bornstarwalker feat. Mighty Mega
22 Not 2 Fuck With
23 Technokratz
24 The Secret feat. Mighty Mega
25 Flight Of The Space Serpent
26 Titanium feat. Mighty Mega
27 They Hate
28 Xposure Project
29 War Live On TV feat. Mighty Mega


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