Thursday, July 16, 2009

Entertainment For The Braindead - Seven (+1)

label - aaahh records
genre - poetry, folk, lo-fi, acoustic
release date - 2009

During my little tour in february I wanted to have something like a tour EP with me, including some new songs to spread. Due to the limited preparation time and conceptual issues I decided to make just a very very limited edition of seven pieces of this one, giving away one on each of the seven nights of shows. It includes seven pieces recorded in the last couple of months of 2008, a mixture of impressions and memories of late summer, fall and approaching winter and one live recording of the tour. It's released on aaahh records under a CC-License (by-nc-nd). Hope you like it! - Julia Kotowski
Entertainment For The Braindead on MySpace and on GNs.

01 Paper
02 Souvenirs
03 It Flew Away
04 Skin
05 Spiders
06 Then It Started Speaking To Me
07 Animals
08 Mi Corazón (live)


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