Thursday, October 22, 2009

Black Era - The Mute EP

netlabel - aquietbump
genre - trip-hop
release date - 2009

Black Era is back, dusty and instrumental, dubby and noisy. Ghost samples of Dy_Darshan voice evolve the atmospheres into surreal winds shaken by gargantuan springverbs and driven tapes. Beat is the reason to live.
Black Era on MySpace and on GNs.

01 Pretends to be an intro but I guess it is the main track
02 Been mute enough feat Samba Djallo
03 Doors words (hard dub mix)
04 The binary immortal feat. Leomou
05 Just left hand left
06 Tumor caste (d.ubiqual opinion)
07 You want osama give us anderson sampled Marco Paolini feat. Kaska Paluch


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