Friday, June 11, 2010

Giles Barratt and the Kino Orchestra - Spring Waltz SP

genre - jazz, hip-hop, rmx
release date - 2010

Giles Barratt is a Welsh Jazz guitarist/composer currently based in Kraków/Poland. He has just written a mini album with his new band: The Giles Barratt and the kino orchestra experience. The ablum is called 'Fragments'. The project is based from Giles experience of living in Kraków. These tracks are also influenced from old European Jazz film sountracks from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and many Jazz musicians: Wes Montgomery, Miles Davis, Bernard Herman, Herbie Hancock,Carlos Jobim and Charles Mingus etc. The band is made up from very talented Jazz musicans based in Kraków: Giles Barratt guitar/composer; Bartek Betkowski sax/flute; Krystian Jaworz keyboards; Michał Peiker drums; Pawel Kluba bass.
Piotr Skorupski (Spisek) is a dj/producer with a deep reverence for jazz and soul. He made a name for himself as founder and producer of hiphop/jazz group Spisek. This remix also features Łukasz Bzowski on Hammond organ.
Giles Barratt and the Kino Orchestra on MySpace.

01 Spring Waltz (Spisek rmx)


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