Thursday, December 23, 2010

Danny Bow - Frozen Memories

netlabel -
export label
genre - electronic, trip-hop, instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2010

It is our pleasure to introduce export label new representative – Danny Bow. A character known previously as Enbe, present on the music scene for few years now. His last album which was warmly welcomed, the “Theory of Jazz” released in 2007 by 16wersów label, still has a group of loyal and regular listeners. After longer absence the artist returns with altered profile. Hiding behind new nickname he takes up music themes which until now weren’t present in his quests. He expresses that in seventeen premiere tracks comprising “Frozen Memories” album.
The sounds of „Frozen Memories” create strong, continuous lines out of shraged single point. Sometimes by being abruptly broken off they push the listener into the feeling of insatiability, but after a while they compensate it with thick, intense tone. The other tracks from this album emphasize the rush of the world in all its forms, or build its complex structure. By the dialogues interspersed throughout the melodies, Danny Bow expresses his opinion on music and topics that concerns it.

01 This music (intro)
02 Unbelieveble feelings
03 Lonley Traveler
04 Emotion capture
05 Frozen memories
06 Walk'in on the egde
07 Different life
08 Lyric
09 Anger
10 Nine tears
11 Heartlock
12 Dreamin
13 Loose mind
14 Showbiz
15 Save me
16 Future me
17 Old me (outro)


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Arkanoid said...

Zaskakująca zmiana brzmienia, ale świetna muzyka!