Monday, March 14, 2011

Freethebeats vol.3

genre - instrumental hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2011

Free the beats is a project aimed at releasing bedroom beats that would not otherwise see the light of day as a free compilation once every three months.
Covering a range of styles and approaches to beat making the one theme drums.
Beat heads, and underground crate diggers who love their synths and dusty samples lock themselves away to produce a multitude of tracks that range from dubstep and glitchy electronica to down tempo instrumental hiphop and ambient beats.
The project is focussed around a DIY attitude. 100 Cd's burnt from home are bound in carefully constructed cases made from recycled materials and are a limited edition artwork in themselves. The cd's are given out for free and distributed in local record stores, sent to radio etc. Once the discs are gone thats it!
Themes found in the materials used to make the cases will be given to contributing artists and interpreted musically.
Freethebeats vol.1 and vol.2
Freethebeats website

01 Roleo - The Dentist
02 Howard - Music in slow motion
03 Samy Saga - Short story
04 Limetipe - Ambrosial
05 MOR - Da Da master of Ribongia
06 P Major - Down
07 Palamino - Elephant curtains
08 Ears - Bus trip
09 Milo Firewater - Angelic politics
10 Mashy P - Eternal Dawn
11 Howard - South Guiteur
12 Samy Saga - Galaxy



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