Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DFRNT - Actaeon EP

label - cut records
genre - dubstep, drum'n'bass
release date - 2012

Clean-cut and minimal intricacies, infinite synth stabs and mellow vocal work with a suitable helping of bass when required. This EP showcases a slightly alternative side to DFRNT's work, and is bound to please fans of the recent output of Autonomic affiliates such as Synkro, Indigo, ASC or similar.
The second EP to surface in 2012, the tenth release from Cut is as much a curve-ball for the label sound as one might expect. Despite the clear shift in tempo, we reckon the emotion, melodies and musical sensibility within these 3 originals and 2 remixes is more than enough to tie it to the Cut family. cutmusic.org

01 Dark Spaces
02 Too Long To Wait
03 Everything
04 Smoothiesforme - Will This Ever End (DFRNT Remix)
05 Seba - Painted Sky (DFRNT Remix)


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