Sunday, August 26, 2012

Minoo - All The World

label - mad-hop
genre - hip-hop, dubstep, glitch-hop
release date - 2012

All the World it's new Minoo album released on young label Mad-Hop . On his second album, the producer from Krakow follows the path he marked out on his debut "White Mice" (Asphalt Records, 2011). Outcome oscillates on the border of experimental hip-hop and electronics introducing a consistent climate. A novelty for fans of Minoo may be invited guests. We can hear not only great Polish MC's and producer (O.S.T.R., Teielte, ZBRKLKU) but also from those from other countries (Jon Kennedy, 3ck, Oh-Neco, Pixelord).
Mad Hop on bandcamp and GNs

01 Now (feat. 3ck)
02 Run In Town (feat. O.S.T.R.)
03 Let's Make It (feat. Jon Kennedy)
04 All The World
05 Dodes (feat. Teielte)
06 Magic (feat. Oh-Neco)
07 Black Crystal (feat. ZBRKLKU)
08 Enemies
09 All the World (Pixelord remix)


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