Saturday, November 17, 2012

Deep Shoq - Life of Swing

genre - downtempo, hip-hop
release date - 2012

The second attempt to conquer the playlists of picky music lovers characterizes by the shades of mellow beats, electronica, neo-soul, soft dubstep, house and goes under the name of „Life of Swing“ (not Swag). The new EP consists of 9 equivalent and orbicular pieces (+ 2 Bonus tracks) .
Collaborations with local and foreign artists is the thing your ears must notice. It includes distinctive voice of London based mc/vocalist Joleon Davenue and Chantelle Nandi from Maverick Sabre’s band, Canadian singer Eric Nicholas and Lithuanian soulstress Kotryna.
Deep Shoq on bandcamp

01 Desire (ft. Joleon Davenue)
02 Wulin Water
03 By the channel
04 Chrystal flashbacks
05 Redemption (ft. Joleon Davenue & Chantelle Nandi)
06 Need to feed (ft. Kotryna)
07 Fool without you (ft. Eric Nicholas)
08 Make dis choize (Need to flip) (ft. Kotryna)
09 Sip the heat


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