Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Isola Dusk - Call Your Name

label - dark clover, origami sound
genre - electronic, folk
release date - 2012

Isola Dusk was formed with the simple intention of creating warm, inviting music inspired by the stories of it's members. Scandanavian and Hispanic Folk, Americana, Broken Beat and Dubstep all come together in seamless and exciting blend. The ethereal vocals of Alice-Marie Archer, folk infused guitars of Ben Blackmore, american inflected electric guitar by Dan Koehler, tribal percussion from Anthony Samuels and cutting electronica from Pete Thomas all culminate in emotive, impassioned and alluring music quite unique to the band. With releases available and forthcoming on Snowfall, Dark Clover and Two Floors Down.

01 Not My Own
02 Call Your Name
03 Another Day
04 Gonna Break


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