Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gloom - Subliminal Fortress

label - broken bubble
genre - electronic
release date - 2013

Gloom is the latest guise of singer & multi-instrumentalist Britt Thomas Brady from Eugene, Oregon. After previously fronting the indie-rock outfit Circa Vitae, he developed a passion for electronic music and began combining his arsenal of instruments with synthesis and field recordings to create a rich and diverse new sound.
Brady plays guitars, piano, rhodes, cello, melodica, xylophone, drums and an mbira across the 6 original tracks included as well as sing in a style that generally sits laid back in the mix rather than dominating each song. brokenbubbleaudio.tumblr.com

01 Sore Throat
02 Broken
03 Streams
04 Strong Alone
05 Weep and Rattle
06 Peacocks and Periwinkles
07 Streams (Fedbymachines Remix)
08 Strong Alone (Cogi Remix)
09 Peacocks and Periwinkles (Deflon Remix)


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