Saturday, September 21, 2013

Mekha - Immersion LP

label - cut records
genre - dubstep, glitch, techno
release date - 2013

Mekha provides a deep, introspective selection of tracks, working in his own dark glitchy beeped-up dub-techno style of beatmaking with a range of collaborators.
Spaceape-esque vocals from MegaZimze, dusty female focals from Snowflake and a host of far-out remixes from Dsve Hosx, The Raging Sea, Emmerichk and Plug.

01 Immersion
02 Immersion (Reshape)
03 Submersion (Featuring MegaZimze)
04 Submersion (Dsve Hosx Remix Featuring MegaZimze)
05 Mikrometeoroiden (Featuring MegaZimze)
06 Mikrometeoroiden (The Raging Sea Remix Featuring MegaZimze)
07 Coma (Featuring Snowflake)
08 Coma (Emmerichk Remix Featuring Snowflake)
09 Ekoladen
10 Ekoladen (Plug Remix Featuring MegaZimze)
11 Farewell


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