Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Benny B. Blonco - Random Knocks

label - error broadcast
genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2013

Cats still want to know about Benny B. Blonco. Truth is: we have no idea where he’s gone or what he’s up to. But we kept his beats safe. And eventually decided to share his music with the world. Random Knocks is a selection of Benny’s finest beats and tracks, the unauthorized legacy of a ghost producer, carefully refurbished and cut to fit. The tape is available on free download so please spread the word...and maybe Benny gets to know about it as well, somewhere, somehow.

01 Larry Love Theme
02 That Girl
03 Synth X Analog
04 Sweetmilk
05 You Can Make A Change
06 Globetrotters
07 Pray
08 B-Ju - Soja Extra (Benny B. Blonco Remix)
09 Matrix
10 Horror Fest
11 Wizard Swing Warriors
12 Tomorrow


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