Tuesday, December 31, 2013

De Gulden Snede Vol​.​2

label - ini movement
genre - hip-hop, future beats, electronic
release date - 2013

De Gulden Snede series evolved as a medium through which we could shed light on genuine artists pushing forward the stylistic barriers of electronic music. As the years progressed so has this noble concept.
For the second installment, De Gulden Snede Vol. II, we seek to share with our audience the sounds, ideas, and artistic movements (music and visual art) weíve been exploring over the past year. Besides the altruistic tendencies, this compilation serves as a platform to showcase emerging artists, beat makers and producers associated with INI Movement. De Gulden Snede Vol. II is a testament to the hard work and creative perseverance of featured artists. On a broader level, this compilation is a curatorial statement to the sound of our label. inirecordings.bandcamp.com

01 Intr0Beatz - Wah Wah Wah Ft. Jimi the Cat
02 Manik - The Good Life Cafe Ft. Freshy Jazz
03 Sneaze - Vroesenpark
04 Modern Trash Quartett - Fela Tribute
05 Moiety - Muffin
06 BOSKA - Take Care
07 Interlude
08 Umoja - Chantico
09 El Búho - Araucaria
10 SOI - Surya
11 Kratos Himself - Say Casu Marzu
12 Prace - Indiie
13 Pcm - Back to Earth Ft. Pete Philly
14 Sly Maceo - Fortify, my love
15 H.. - Take me somewhere nice
16 Godfried - No Good
17 Kwala - Tobias (VINK Remix)
18 K15 - Lamentations


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