Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Airnino - Spacesuit Radio

netlabel - retrofuturism
genre - ambient, turntablism

A great album by the driving force of retrofuturism. Manifold but always chilled. Many moods but one feeling.
Airnino does lots of tracks so these 14 tracks are just a compilation of his strongest works. tablist.net/retrofuturism
Airnino on MySpace.


01 You gots to chill
02 Summer breeze
03 Denote
04 In between interlude
05 Audio sermon
06 Night with two moons
07 Sloth on a temporary emo trip
08 Daydreaming interlude
09 Shaken
10 Thefakelivesong
11 Summer breeze - airnino downtempo remix
12 Beautiful random chops
13 The escape
14 Heavy snow


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