Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jan von Grafenstein - 13

netlebel - test tube
genre - chillout

release date - 2007

"This thirteen track collection could be easily filed under chillout, jazz fusion or even related to the highly productive late 90's Vienna scene.
Easygoing from beginning to end, with voluptous basslines, seductive orchestrations and crisp string arrangements, it has its apex with 'Backboogie', a fantastic and danceable track which pretty much sums up the whole album."
Jan von Grafenstein on MySpace.
Thanks to emeliks -

01 Intro
02 Duds
03 September 23
04 Luun
05 Spoken Word
06 Never Hold
07 Backboogie
08 Work Out
09 Chi
10 Ambaunk
11 Kokago
12 Lila Velvet
13 Fin


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