Friday, March 7, 2008

Moabi - Hanami

netlabel - resting bell
genre - ambient
release date - 2007

Set up between Electronica, IDM, Experimental music and Ambient, all five pieces have a very unique, deep feeling. An impressive mix of beautiful melodies, intense atmosphere and twinkle-toed beats. Starting with the more beat-orientated “Hey You“ the EP gets calmer with every following track, finding it’s end in the quiet and subtle “Moll“-piece with over nine minutes of glitches and hounted melodies.
“Hanami“ (japanese for “enjoying the beauty of flowers”).
Thanks to yan_g - www.

01 Hey You
02 Manekinekod Remix
03 Celema
04 5string Remix
05 Moll


1 comment:

Yann said...

Great release. This kind of melodic electronica is too rare!