Saturday, March 29, 2008

Letna - Tisza meets Dunav

netlabel - zymogen
genre - ambient
release date - 2008

Tisza meets Dunav is a concept work inspired by Sasa's native country, Serbia. Every song is dedicated to a specific place in the area of the Tisza, which falls into Dunav, the Danube, one of the biggest rivers in Eastern Europe. (...) The musical narrative of this album develops slowly through different sound layers: pure and delicate melodies, distant voices, guitar notes, drones, microtonal sound-waves and field recordings.

01 Tisza meets Dunav
02 Deliblatska Pescara
03 Don't cry Tisza
04 Fruska Gora
05 Ledinci
06 Crossing the bridge/Novisad
07 Jezera
08 White city


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