Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dirty Sample – Sounds

label - neferiu
genre - instrumental hip-hop
release date - 2009

On this instrumental release, the Dirty Sample offers another helping of his off kilter musical mélange, serving hip-hop beats that at once salute the past and announce the future. Dirty funk, triumphant horns, and soulful keys are held together by, well, dirty samples ...
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01 Marijuana Sauce
02 Pleasure
03 The Day I Fought the Great White Bear
04 Clinton’s Fingers
05 30 Mins for God
06 Dust Over Doubt
07 Dripping Sweat in Moscow
08 Antennae
09 Wonder What
10 Out There
11 The Take Souls Organ
12 Ernie Coombs
13 Love Sound
14 The Wonderful Mrs. Clayton
15 Open Eyelids
16 Everyone Lives Forever Here
17 To Smoke While Sleeping


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