Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just Plain Ant - Dig Deep

netlabel - bloc sonic
genre - hip-hop, jazz
release date - 2009

Dig Deep, a shining example of what the independent music world has to offer. It's also an authentic and innovative hip-hop album that refuses to be boxed in by quick and simple comparisons. With this album, Ant has brought together a terrific bunch of co-producers, vocalists and emcees that have all added their own touch in such a way that doesn’t make this producer-driven album feel like a compilation. Conceptually, there’s no doubt that this album is a whole.
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01 Hush
02 Anti-Love (feat. Sleaze)
03 32 More (feat. EENJ)
04 Still Dreamin' (feat. Jay Slim)
05 Dig Deep (feat. Alex Murphy)
06 If You're Not True To Me
07 Can't Say Goodbye (feat. Elijah)
08 Good Night (Miles From This Place) (feat. Joey Ripps)
09 In The Air (feat. Brad Oblivion)
10 Love Letters (feat. Caitlin Meissner and Yarrow Lutz)
11 That Goodbye
12 End of the Day (feat. Jay Slim)


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