Thursday, December 17, 2009

Foolk - Lush Hour EP

genre - electronic, experimental, glitch-hop
release date - 2009

These eight tracks of small duration came out from live sets of the author — he got his inspiration for this EP directly from himself. In compare with early works, the sound of Foolk became more lacerated and twitchy but this fact just underlines the uniqueness of Dusan's music — with its jazzy variations and with an inevitable using of samples.
According to words of Dusan, this selection of beats and sounds is a good material for those DJs who are attracted to glitched hip-hop stuff. Also the author hopes that ‘Lush Hour’ will be a nice method for listeners to construct their own set of short and dynamic videos in the mind's eye — at any time and in any place if it's possible to use headphones.
Foolk on MySpace and on GNs.

01 Lush Hour
02 Moon Saver
03 Laugh Song
04 Woop Woop
05 Flying Flies
06 Skanky
07 Zewa Mane
08 Nova


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