Sunday, December 20, 2009

Miss Ueki - Shake Shake

netlabel - beatismurder
genre - electropop, rmx
release date - 2009

Miss Ueki are Bernd and Nils from Munich, Germany. Miss Ueki collect ideas, snap shots, patterns, that eventually evolve into full grown lo-fi pop gems, from version 0.1 to 1.0 and beyond. Lately, these evolutions led to a fully finished shiny EP.
"Shake Shake" is a triple-A-side-single. Three timid, precious (so called) indietronica hits to shake your heart to. Sloppy but to the point. Professionally amateurish. For fans of The Notwist, Mùm and Hood. For fans of giant sea monsters. For fans of baby mammals.
Miss Ueki on MySpace.

01 Circles 1.0
02 Kyoto 0.9
03 Reykjavik 1.0
04 Circles 1.0 (Yeah Pretty Boy rmx)
05 Reykjavik 1.0 (Liger rmx)
06 Kyoto 0.9 (Duran Durandom is playing at my house rmx)


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