Monday, March 22, 2010

Pixelord - Lucid Freaks pt. 2

netlabel - error broadcat
genre - glich-hop, instrumental, rmx
release date - 2010

Hot on the heels of Pixelord's "Lucid Freaks pt. 1" comes this eleven-track remix compilation. "Lucid Freaks pt. 2 - The Remixes" features a couple of Russia's hottest producers, including RBMA-participant DZA, Demokracy, OL and Miracle Libido (the latter two as known from their Monday Jazz tape). The Lord himself reworked a tune exclusively for this record.
Pixelord on GNs.

01 Quartz Boy (Coco Bryce Dirt Rider Remix)
02 Boss Worm (Calm as Worm DZA Rework)
03 Cybernator (Pixelord PXLRD Remix)
04 Cybernator (Abby Lee Tee Cyberwars Rebot)
05 Cartoon Friend (Demokracy Remix)
06 Boss Worm (Jameszoo Roparrot Recompose)
07 Quartz Boy (Coco Bryce Hangover Remix)
08 Cartoon Friend (AshTreJinkins Global Oreo Remix)
09 Boss Worm (OL Zima Remix)
10 Cartoon Friend (Miracle Libido Foggy Mix)
11 Cybernator (Chocolate Girl Cybergirl Remix)



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