Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Twisting The Frame 2

label - myuzyk
genre - hip-hop, abstract hip-hop, instrumental hip-hop, electronic
release date - 2010

The second installment of freethinking hip hop and downtempo beatmongering has arrived. Artists were again cherry picked by Long Distance Dan for their creativity and verve, bringing several artists along from the first compilation alongside many others to culminate in a thirteen track album that has been warmly received by reviewers, bloggers and enthusiasts. There is an excursion into the sun soaked world of Jay Bharadia taken from his forthcoming album 'Iron Horse', avant wonke from E.A.R.L. and Bob Villain, MPC dexterity from the sleep deprived Buddy Peace and much more from heads such as sasQwax, Aupheus, Mr Hood and Herma Puma.

01 Mr Hood - Illy Clap
02 Duke Spook - Dark Rites
03 Klondike Kids - A Small Fortune
04 Dark Circle - World Go Square
05 sasQwax - 9til5
06 Jay Bharadia - Day Of Two Noons
07 Benjamin One - Over The Moon ft Derth (Inc) & Wichcraft
08 Herma Puma - Dream
09 Bob Villain - Trendy
10 Aupheus - Metamorphic
11 E.A.R.L - Gymps
12 Mr Sanders - Jeebuscripes
13 Buddy Peace - Crimson Feather Valve


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