Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Leon Somov feat. Jazzu - Offline Remixed

label -
genre - idm, remix, ambient

release date - 2008

Veteran Sutemos enthusiasts may already be aware of a musical collaboration between Leon Somov and Jaazu; their Offline EP represents some of the very best work that we've been able to release on on the label to date. Giving due credit to the creative process has meant that a release date for this gem has been delayed over time. But all good things do come to those who wait - and in the interim, we've been able to compile a select series of remixes based around Somov and Jaazu's work for the release of Sutemos 021. Although the process of selection proved extremely difficult, we were fortunate enough to be left stacked with a plethora of tracks sure to be featured on many of our future Sutemos releases.


01 Mano (am boy Remix)

02 Without You (Joel Tammik Remix)

03 Who R U (Sleepy Town Manufacture Remix)

04 Butterfly (Monoceros Remix)

05 Mano (Sabi Remix)
06 Butterfly (Eneftze Remix)

07 Crosses (Raoul Sinier Remix)

08 Without You (Few Nolder Remix)

09 Noughts And Crosses (NazcaMan Remix)

10 Butterfly ((ENV)itre Remix)

11 Who R U (IJO Remix)

12 Mano (Arclab And Near The Parenthesis Remix)

13 Parduodu Savo Muzik
14 Without You (Instrumental Version)


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