Monday, February 7, 2011

The Maaaigs - Scrilent

label - noecho
genre - idm, postrock
release date - 2010

The Maaaigs is one of most bright one-man projects from east-ukrainian area. It’s created in autumn 2007 in Kharkov, Ukraine. During about one year the_maaaigs has made two full-length albums, which have common atmospheric draw, but different style/rythm construction. The first one is called “Pod Uglom” (Under The Angle) and sounds like works defined as idm, glitch, clicks and cuts and ambient. The album were published on cd by “Inner Destruction” - Kharkov promo agency, and now is being rereleased by russian label “Heaven Retribution” in net version. The sound of next stuff “Sociophobe” is more extreme. It’s coming closer to post-industrial music styles. There has appeared straighter and harder rythmsection, bpms are faster. The album has high estimations in musical issues of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, USA, after releasing 21/11/2008 on indie-label NOECHO.
The Maaaigs on MySpace.

01 Berlin
02 Cold
03 Mail
04 Options
05 Reset
06 School
07 Shell


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good music is good music said...

Very interesting record and exiting. The Ukrainian voices gives it a very special, exotic feeling!