Thursday, June 16, 2011

Footprints 17 - - Nature Sounds

genre - jazz, mix
release date - 2011

Two years of deliberate choices and random findings, two years of exploiting my wallet and bank account, of dusty digging and international shipping. A two-year quest… And after those two years, an immense satisfaction at the completion of an analogue project, Nature Sounds. Ladies and gentlemen, here’s a classic(al) podcast for two turntables and a mixer. A rhythmic lullaby, an analogue meditation, a soundtrack for a walk, jogging, yoga - you name it. Whatever #17 turns out to be, you dot the “i”: the last word in defining the shape of this jazz footprint is yours.Please, do it reasonably as the authors of the pieces below deserve the best treatment.
Footprints on GNs.

01 Buster Williams - Veronica
02 Jerzy Milian - Sheik of Urology
03 Yusef Lateef - Sunset
04 Paul Horn - The Mahabhutas. Prithivi
05 Hu Vibrational - Friends and Gardens
06 AmmonContact - Our Cry for Peace
07 Sabu Martinez - A Memo to Art Blakey
08 Build An Ark - Nature
09 SÅ‚awomir Kulpowicz - Ananda
10 David Lee Jr. - Spirit Voice
11 Doug Carn - Peace


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