Monday, June 6, 2011

Freddie Joachim - Dusted

genre - instrumental hip-hop, soul, jazz
release date - 2011

Freddie Joachim (pronounced “JO-AH-KIM”), began djing in 1996. Starting as a mobile DJ and turntablist, Freddie has become a dj, that spins and listens to all genres, with a strong focus on hip hop and jazz.
With experimentation in 2001, Freddie turned his focus to recording and production. Mainly a software based producer, he respects the arts of record collecting, sampling, and musicianship, working closely with other artists who share the same ideas and outlook on music.
Freddie Joachim on GNs.

01 My Heaven
02 Since You Came
03 Hold On
04 All I Need
05 L & H


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