Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fight!Suzan - Viper's Eye An Open Wound

label - nasiono records
genre - ambient, acoustic
release date - 2010

"Viper's Eye An Open Wound" is a short collection of musical sketches recorded during holidays 2007-2010. As in the "Groundhog Day" movie, july and august were always the same, each year the same sequention of events. To reflect such experience the most useful was image - bitter, ironic but also subtle and sugestive. Collage of hazy samples, field-recs, lazy seashore psychedelia came to a surrealistic message, warm and melancholic but with a bit of mystery. It's hot afternoon spent on diving into the white noise, reading "Lolita", listening to Washed Out and Piotr Szczepanik in waiting for refreshing storm. The mystery and tention but in the middle of summer - the worst what could happen is thunder lightning in the distance or jewelry unfortunately lost among the dunes. A moment after getting caught on tape vast majority of "Viper's" tunes were forgotten. Just till the next july. nasiono.net

01 Dark Magus
02 Funes, His Memory
03 Guide to Go-Go
04 White Tatoo, Black Lips
05 Cursed Ruby of Magok
06 Calypso
07 One-Rose
08 Almost the Same Mare
09 Thriller
10 Viper's Eye An Open Wound
11 Youth Jugend
12 Black Eearrings, White Sand


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