Friday, July 1, 2011

Polish Edits EP #2 Mental

label - the very polish cut outs
genre - nudisco, remix, electronic
release date - 2011

The Idea behind The Very Polish Cut-Outs is very simple – we want to promote Polish music all over the world through releasing different compilations, mixes and by putting it in a new context through editing – lately one of the most common way of recycling music. On this site you will find lots of dusty grooves, obscure sounds and sometimes very hard to find gems that were recorded in Poland back in the days. Take your time and enjoy the trip trough the wastelands of Polish music.

01 Aya RL - Unikaj Zdjęć (Mental Rework)
02 Klaus Mittffoch - Jestem Tu Jestem Tam (Mental Edit)


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