Saturday, October 20, 2012

Roux Spana - 9 Weeks of Sun

label - u know me records
genre - electronic, soul, funk
release date - 2012

For a long time I had an idea of making a project based on the 80s boogie funk. I figured out that the best time to do it was during the summer break. For nine weeks, every monday, I uploaded a new song on my soundcloud profile. In every tune I was trying to catch the essens of a summer vibe and sunny mood. "9 Weeks of Sun" is a collection of nine compositions inspired by boogie funk, 80s, soul, r'n'b and electronic music. In addition to the original idea, the material has been enhanced with four previously unreleased tracks.
U Know Me Records on bandcamp and on GNs

01 1st week (just to let u know)
02 2nd week (she is gone now)
03 3th week (when u feel like movin')
04 4th week (the sun is here)
05 5th week (u r next 2 me)
06 6th week (u better believe it)
07 7th week (we r almost there)
08 8th week (make it up 2 u)
09 9th week (is this the end)
10 10th week (I don't wanna let u go)
11 11th week (set me free)
12 12th week (sunday love)
13 13th week (on my way)


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