Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thallus - To Gain Volatility

label - ritmo sportivo
genre - hip-hop, downtempo
release date - 2012

"To Gain Volatility" is a long-awaited debut official long-play from 22-year old german hip-hop producer Thallus, who is the one of the few young musicians in instrumental hip-hop music nowadays with highest level of creativity in his mind which allows him to convert each of his records into a new emotional piece with its own beginning and ending....In front of you 14 finished stories, 14 frames with its own sound and 1 year of the work over it...1 year of the life for the moment.
Thallus on GNs

01 Walk With Me
02 Great To Know
03 Hidden Memos
04 When Something Appears To Help You
05 Green Tea
06 Midnight Journey
07 Behind The Past
08 His Words
09 Crushed Marbles
10 Jazz For Breakfast
11 Growing Up Not Down
12 Homeless Instruments
13 Grey Sweatshirts In The Rain
14 May The Heart Be At The Right Place


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