Thursday, December 27, 2012

DustyCrates - Outoforder3

label - duzz down san records
genre - glitch-hop
release date - 2012

Dusty Crates is a Vienna based beatmaker/DJ collective sharing the love for old and dusty records, the art of sampling and analog & digital synthesizers. Coming from Austria, Italy, Germany, Philipines and Croatia, all living in Vienna, they combine different styles and techniques. Hiphop-rooted but influenced by electronic and jazzy flavors.

01 Alpha (ra-b)
02 Miro (melik/olinclusive)
03 Telesthesia (simp)
04 War (stsk)
05 Duckstep (olinclusive)
06 Noshit (melik/olinclusive)
07 Empty whiskey bottles (ra-b)
08 Kapitän nemo (stsk)
09 Sylva (melik/schinowatz)
10 Downtown (schinowatz/melik)
11 Shame on you (olinclusive/melik)
12 Skit (melik)
13 Onesoul (simp/julian loibl)
14 Wosisig kopfmist rmx (stsk)
15 Irgendwann (ra-b)
16 Adb (melik)
17 Nogoodnobad (melik)
18 Oh-mega (ra-b)


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