Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ghostly Essentials: Music for Creatives

label - ghostly international
genre - downtempo, electronic, ambient

A 40-minute exploration of Ghostly's "SMM" artists, whose mysterious, home-grown sound was inspired by Brian Eno's original concept of ambient music. The style is exemplified by contemplative instrumental textures and sweeping melodic gestures. The Music for Creativescompilation is a joint effort between longtime admirers Ghostly International and Behance; its release coincides with The 99% Conference, Behance's yearly summit on creativity and productivity. Music for Creatives is built to inspire deep dives into the dark waters of creative flow.

01 Aeroc - Please Go Wrong
02 The Sight Below - At First Touch
03 Kiln - Hong
04 Syntaks - Phantasmogoria
05 Christopher Willits - Breathe (Fountain)
06 Cepia - Ramp
07 Tycho - Coastal Brake (Hatchback's Cosmic Caviar Dub)
08 Lusine - Everything Under The Sun


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