Friday, July 12, 2013

Doyeq - Never Back

label - fuselab
genre - jazz, electronic, glitch
release date - 2013

So this time we meet a full-length album – and again a stunning one. Slightly remaining works of Swod or any other piano based contemporary masters “Never Back” shows the same approach but the firm spirit and touch of Doyeq. A lot, really a lot of live instrumentals including stings, pianos, sax and double bass mixed together with glitch micro percussion and analog synth sparks. Warm, profound, cozy and soothing stuff and it’s truly cinematic. So the whole album is just a classic favorite one for us for sure. Gold series

01 Walking After The Rain
02 Daylight
03 A Movement Of Smoke In The Light
04 Downstairs
05 Nothing To Prove
06 Thank You
07 Never Back
08 There
09 Waterline Horizon


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