Saturday, July 13, 2013

Roux Spana - 9 Weeks of Sun: Morning Heat LP

label - u know me records
genre - soul, hip-hop, funk
release date - 2013

"9 weeks of sun: Morning Heat" continues the story that began a year ago ( This time, though the songs are again based on samples from the soul and boogie-funk-joints from the mid-80s, the material is suppose to reflect the vibe of returning home an early morning and the atmosphere in the city when it awakes during the summer time.

01 1st week (she got the move)
02 2nd week (you give me fever)
03 3rd week (how I feel)
04 4th week (good girl)
05 5th week (lift you up)
06 6th week (out tonight)
07 7th week (never thought that)
08 8th week (magic)
09 9th week (turn me out)
10 10th week (c'est la vie) BONUS TRACK


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