Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mike Gao - Quadruple Entendre

label - hw&w
genre - electronic
release date - 2013

Coming in hot is Mike Gao’s Quadruple Entendre, which is the official follow up to Beta World Peace. The master of eclectic and progressive beats goes where a majority of beatsmiths is afraid to go. Throughout Quadruple Entendre, you’ll experience Gao’s complicated layering which emphasizes the harmony between chaos and organization. He also takes dynamic looping to the next level by utilizing unorthodox song structure, that is highlighted among the many effects that pulsate in and out of each song. Quadruple Entendre is full of attitude, so tighten your jimmies. Most of the beats are on the quick-fire status, though each is a powerful straight jab. A straight jab right into your musical soul.

01 PG13
02 Playin Too Much (Boriqua Morena)
03 Wetter Forecast
04 Have2Go
05 Nike Giovanni feat. Gabe Noel
06 Robert Raimon Roy - Axela (Mike Gao Remix)
07 Count on You
08 Semisophisticated Freak


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