Sunday, August 4, 2013

OBBA SUPA - TO​.​AM / FREE​.​AM - Deluxe Edition

label - project mooncircle
genre - hip-hop
release date - 2013

The diabolical rhyme dynamics of Teknical Developments lyrics paired with beats cloaked in a blue cheese fog of THTC from Hey!zeus dwell and celebrate in the time of A.M. A time which reveals the full existence of the human cypher in its entirety, From the crooked corrupt cloaked by its shadows to the optimism of dreams and a new days break.

01 Escapade Escaping
02 AM But Not
03 Barefaced
04 Fly On Turntable
05 Twighlight featuring Hennessy
06 Kushon Peng
07 Interlude
08 Chanelist featuring Floating Points on Keys
09 Chanelist Snapshot featuring Ray Vendetta
10 Laser Surgery
11 Free.AM Yesterday
12 Monotonous Cycles
13 The Evolution Of Dreams
14 At Any Given Time
15 Blue Xmas
16 Ty Lowe Interlude featuring Ty Lowe
17 The Bass Is
18 The Last Clouds Of The Cosmics
19 Sicker Side Of Poetry
20 Cosmic Blast
21 Killing Souls In Style
22 Tek Tell Tales
23 Gris De Gris
24 Wot U Chattin Bout featuring Ray Vendetta
25 Free.AM Today
26 Zeus An Tek Shit
27 Free.AM Tomorrow
28 Bring U Back
29 Escapade Escaping (Instrumental)
30 Barefaced (Instrumental)
31 Twighlight (Instrumental)
32 Chanelist Snapshot (Instrumental)
33 The Evolution Of Dreams (Instrumental)
34 Killing Souls In Style (Instrumental)
35 Tek Tell Tales (Instrumental)


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