Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Norton - Kersche Remix

netlabel - aerotone
genre - electronic, rmx
release date - 2008

Norton is four young guys make music for World to hear. They are from city in the middle east of Portugal called Castelo Branco and they're the symbioses between the simplicity of Mum, the soft pop of The Postal Service and the tension of Mogwai. nortonmusic.net
Kersche Remixed is, as the name announces, a remixed version of Kersche. People from all around the world were putting new visions, new sounds, new atmospheres in Norton songs. aerotone.300l600.de
Norton's official side.

01 Our June (Will Remix)
02 (Your) Balcony (Corwood Manual Remodelling)
03 Sailing Across A Distant Sea (Lost Room Remix)
04 Kersche (Muxu Remix)
05 Spherical Hearts (Trondheim Remix)
06 Still Stays On (Daily Misconceptions Remix)
07 Pleased To Get Home (And Me Remix)
08 Sailing Across A Distant Sea (You Echo Remix)
09 Still Stays On (Transient Remix)
10 (Your) Balcony (FM Belfast Remix)
11 Cinnamon & Wine (Loto Remix)
12 Sailing Across A Distant Sea (Stereoboy Remix)
13 Lowlands (Nuuk Remix)
14 Kersche (Cars And Trains Remix)
15 (Your) Balcony (Hidden Letters Remix)


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is the first release I've explored since discovering your site... after hearing 3 tracks, I was already checking out Aerotone's other releases on archive.org!
Thanks for turning me on to something new and absolutely beautiful.
Nice work, please keep it up : )