Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Barry Lynn - 98 EP

netlabel - acroplane
genre - dub
release date - 2008

"I made Koss, 98 Loop and Rhodes Draft in 1998 (...) I was heavily into DJ Shadow so I wanted to try putting tracks together from samples of old vinyl, which I already had a decent sized collection of thanks to my Dad. I also spent ages going through all the record shops in Belfast looking for old jazz and soundtracks and stuff like that to sample when I first started university (...) There's a version of Koss with a nice Hendrixy guitar solo but the rest of the track is a mess so you get the more chilled version here.
The other two tracks were done digitally in reaktor 3 and were made a bit after.
Hope you enjoy them!"

01 Koss
02 98 loop
03 Rhodes draft
04 Hard to say
05 Loughside


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