Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waveplant - Refragment

netlabel - moment sound
genre - ambient, downtempo, house, idm
release date - 2008

A Waveplant is a union between different elements that combine to create a singularity with hybrid vigor. Rather than keeping strictly with any genre, Waveplant extends this idea into tracks and scores that share this blend of approach: fresh and forward, human and resonant.
There are 2 sets, downtempo (1 - 5) and minimal house (6 - 8), each with different scenes, or tracks that are meant to be listened continuously.
Waveplant's official site.

01 Rawn Narrows
02 Moonset
03 Bloom
04 August
05 Daybreak
06 Homestretch
07 Homesick
08 Flux


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