Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weigl & Hoffmann - Elevate EP

netlabel - id.eology
genre - electropop, ambient
release date - 2008

Weigl & Hoffmann get into the elevator to a secret floor inbetween mind and soul. In a slow steady movement, like paper-boats on softly shimmering water, their ambient pop songs drift through the auditory canal right into your conscience. Subtle soundscapes, discreet guitar and piano ambiences along with breathy vocals create a contemplative atmosphere that gradually surrounds you, draws you in deeper and deeper, zooming your inner eye into the very core of yourself. ideology.de
Weigl & Hoffmann "Examples Of A Medusa" on GNs.
Philipp Weigl's music on GNs.

01 Confided
02 Silhouettes
03 The grass is greener
04 A ship in a bottle
05 Paper boats
06 The grass is greener (Gate Zero rmx)


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