Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moabi- Sexe bourgeois

netlabel - dog eared records
genre - ambient
release date - 2008

The first thing you should note about Sexe bourgeois is how the track titles hang together to form a single maybe-sweet/maybe-dark sentence. This would seem to imply a couple of things. First, that what we have here is a suite. Second, that the subject of that suite has something to do with love. The first suspicion is easily confirmed—the individual tracks do indeed work together, sharing sounds and ideas, and generally forming a cogent whole. The second, however, is a bit more ambiguous. If this record is about love, it’s not the top-40 boyfriend/girlfriend bubblegum variety. No, this thing is about something much darker, mysterious, and altogether more interesting.
The tone is set from the start, with distant furtive bits of melody flitting through a cavernous soundscape—like a spectral orchestra tuning up in a subway station. And it remains a dark ride throughout. The tempos are steady, sometimes even brisk, but never lively, and the musical ideas tend toward the mournful...
Moabi's album from resting bell on GNs.

01 I don't think I realize
02 I'm in love
03 Am I blind or...
04 Unconscious


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