Friday, October 10, 2008

Transient vs VPD - Bright Expressing Time

netlabel - fant00m
genre - trip hop, electronic, rmx
release date - 2008

Transient and Violent Public Disorderaz (VPD) teamed up and collaborated on this special release here on Fant00m. 4 songs out of one track that Transient made back in 1999 with (for the geeks) Modplucker Software. VPD has a thing for lofi jazzy electronika and fell in love with the 1999 track. Now almost 10 years later Transient works in a whole different way, which can be heard clearly on this release.
Transient's music on GNs.
VPD on GNs.

01 Transient - Bright Expressing Time rmx 2008
02 Violent Public Disorderaz - Bright Expressing Time 2007 edit
03 Transient - Bright Expressing Time 1999 edit
04 Violent Public Disorderaz - Bright Expressing Time 2008 rmx edit


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