Saturday, December 27, 2008

Planete Sauvage - The Strange Mood Of The Dirty Rocks

genre - electronic, experimental, ambient
release date - 2008

This album is the third release of Planete Sauvage built around the eponymous piece composed and performed by Usull "The strange mood of the dirty rocks". It's weird atmosphere reminds a lot of the frightening and disturbing openning of Ridley Scott's first "Alien" from witch it is partly inspired .
Planete Sauvage's official site.

01 Image d'un objet recompose (part1)
02 L'immanence des serpentines
03 L'eveil de Shemty (chap2)
04 Le spectacle du non vivant
05 L'eveil de Shemty (chap3)
06 The strange mood of the dirty rocks
07 Le retour de Biculah dans sa patrie(chap3)


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